begin again

the tears
of sadness, fall
running wet down my cheek ~

the water
washes over me
and sets me free ~

I look up ~

the clouds
sail north
over the fiery sunset ~

the wind
sweeps by
and I begin again ~

I’m drowning

it’s sitting beside you
drinking wine
so close
that our knees
brush against each other.
i feel the butterflies ~

it’s your smile
and how it lights up your face
when you’re telling stories.
i can’t help but smile too ~

it’s that look in your eyes
the bluest ocean I’ve ever seen
as our lips inch closer.
i’m drowning
in their gaze ~

it’s the feeling of your hands
gently upon my cheeks
as your lips meet mine
and not wanting to stop.
i’m consumed
by you ~

it’s you,
the summer’s sun,
the golden ray of light.
will you catch me if i fall?

the waves

were my saving grace
and you didn’t even know it. ~

this place makes me feel lonely.
a kind of lonely
that is all consuming.
where I’m engulfed
and can’t seem to catch a break.
like I’m caught in a rip
and I’m swimming
and swimming
and not getting anywhere. ~

the devil inside of me was back again.
eating away,
but surely
and I was trying hard to fight it
but sometimes it feels too much.
like i’m drowning
in the waves
of depression. ~

I couldn’t see the sunlight
until you came along.
you helped me forget
and that
was more than enough. ~
your eyes,
bright blue
like the summers sky
held my glance
for a moment too long
but in that moment,
I knew
that I’d be okay. ~

and serenity washed over me
and embraced me like a blanket. :that’s how I knew ~

what if?

tryin’ to find the light in the middle of this madness and then there’s you. the summers sun. the warmth upon my skin.

you said I’d write a love poem about you, what if I wrote it to you instead? ✨


you were never mine to keep
we said goodbye
and walked away


we both wanted to be free


here we are together again
may I ask,
will we ever be more?

love (moments)

I think we’re all out there searching
for that one singular love story
but what if we’re wrong?
what if it’s a heap of little love moments
with many different people
compiled together
to make your whole?


`like that time we ordered food but we’re both so nervous we made our waitress nervous too
`like that time you walked me home through the forest under the stars because I wanted to be outside
`or the time we camped on the beach to catch the sunrise, because I’d never stayed awake all night
`or the time you made me a smoothie for breakfast, just because
`or the time we twirled danced around the fire like five year olds and you sung me to sleep in a tent under the stars
`or the time we hung out all day at the beach, as if we’d met years before
`or the time we sat on my living room floor, strangers, sharing wine and giving back massages


I never thought I deserved any of this
these little moments
ever, in my life.
I’ve never really allowed myself to imagine,
and here it is, happening
without me wishing for it to happen
and I don’t think I’ve ever been so grateful


you see,
it is a treasure
to have all of these little moments
with people you might not ever see again,
knowing they’re not forever.
maybe they don’t even know what they’ve done for you
the pieces they’ve helped you find,
and I think that is what makes them all the more special


so here I am,
living and experiencing
a heap of little love moments
compiled together
to make my whole ✨ ~


you lost me for a while there.
i lost me too ~

mistrust and hurt;
betrayal ~

time ~

becoming myself,
finding myself ~

a new place
new people
making connections ~

change was all I needed
(maybe all you need, too) ✨ ~