one sided

I deserve more than your messages because you’re lonely or because you’re having a bad day  I used to think it was selfish of me to excuse myselfI’d feel bad because everyone deserves to have someone to listen I’m not that for you. I deserve more I deserve someone to ask me too someone there for my good and bad and not …

raw and pure

why do we have to hold onto things? why can’t we have them as they are, in the moment? raw and pure.  we parted ways with lovenot a romantic everlasting love but a love nonetheless  I’d cry happy tears whenever I thought of you,whenever I think of you. and everyone always asks me why I never sought you out why …


* Sunrise *I grab your sleepy face and kiss you goodbye; one last time,you stir and kiss me back~I walk away~the beginning and the end ~your scent lingers in the airon my body~I walk past strangershoping they’re you.I hear your voice,I turn,and you’re nowhere to be found ~* Moon rise *I miss the comfort of you in the dark of the …


some days i wish i had a different name one that people would forget ~or a different life one that people didn’t know a thing about ~i’ve done some silly things while drowning in alcoholtrying to forgetthen scrambling to gather the scattered pieces of me ~ i was vulnerable and lostyou touched my bodyyou didn’t even ask~i had to yell before you heard …


loneliness;my best friendmy worst enemy my blanket of warmth along with the bottle of wine tears roll down my cheeks stuck. trapped. lost  i take another sipnothing changes loneliness consumes and I submit

full glass

sometimes I wonder i’m usually the kind to fill your glass fullwhile mine is empty until I realised I need to fill my own constantly seeking validation, caring too much but never enough about mewhy am I any less important than the rest? 

lonely road

I forget that sometimes it’s one step at a timeone foot in front of the othera seemingly long (very long) and lonely pathit was~and here I amfreefreer than I’ve ever been with a full heart meeting such incredibly beautiful people.~humbled~the road doesn’t seem so long and lonely after all


I never trusted myself enough “stop seeking and you shall find”and I was holding onto a hope that was never certain –hope that one day I’d be enough  every person I met, “They might be the one” of if it felt wrong within me those words you spoke,“you have to let love in to feel love”  I stopped searching I stopped …


sometimes,the best thing is the unknown the thingyou aren’t looking for the thing you aren’t expecting sometimes,the unknown turns out to be the best thing you could’ve ever hoped for ✨ 

to leave

sometimes it hits melike that wave from the depths of the ocean, I didn’t realise was surfacing until it crashed against the shore.  it hurts. to be around people, but to feel alone. you see, I travelled to the other side of the world, just my backpack and I, where not once did I feel …

i would(n’t)

if i could share you, I would(n’t)like a rare treasure, a gemisn’t it lucky to find something so precious? something so true to what you believe,something so natural. it seems all the questions, disappeared and the answers fell into my lap when I stumbled upon you.chance or fate, I’m not surebut the way our skin brushed against each …


love is not just about loving othersbut loving yourself yourself on all days,dark and light,in all with compassion.loving someone, starts with loving you.