I can see it now, clear as day. The endless, crisp, orange sunset over the vast African plains. A heard of Elephants feeding in front of me, while I am behind the lens, soaking it all in. I will be that woman one day.

Often, I wonder whether we have dreams to let ourselves down or is it to keep ourselves going throughout this endless life. Instead, I’m stuck here in the same monotonous routine, doing the same monotonous thing day in, day out. Beep, beep, beep, groggily stirring from the hideous tone of the alarm, (the only thing that would wake me!) having the same breakfast for the past five months, to drive to the same job from the previous four years. Only to go home, eat dinner, fall asleep and repeat.

I crave a life where I am free. Living the dream. Waking to the chirp of the birds and looking next to me, to my other half sprawled over the white sheets with tranquility written across his face, the sun peering in. To drive my wagon into the plain to study the Elephant heard. They lost a family member yesterday, perfect for my most recent research paper ‘Elephants have emotion.’ To prove my point and show my passion about the most beautiful creature on this planet.

I woke up today, the same way I usually do, the beep, beep, beep of my alarm and the struggle to open my eyes. The monotonous 40 minute drive to work, park the car (however, I was early for once, so I read a few chapters of my latest novel of choice) and then I heard it. Sirens, coming from all directions. I continued on my day. The feel of the air around me changed, an eeriness surrounded me, something had happened. Another person woke today and probably continued on their way… their same monotonous daily routine, gave their loved on a kiss goodbye and went to work. But someone today didn’t make it home and it is that family, that would never be the same.

He too had dreams.

We are all given a reason in life, yet not all of us are able to reach it. Death. How do you explain that to someone. The argument that God has a plan for us all. Well how do you explain this one God? He didn’t get to live out his dreams. He didn’t get to live to be old and have all of those ‘olden day’ memories to share to his children, let alone his great grandchildren. Then there’s the perspective that maybe although it was an accident, it was a lesson, a very life changing lesson, but maybe someone had held a grudge on something so small, that this lesson was to teach them a valuable lesson?

Maybe bad things happen to those who don’t expect it to encourage or to push them to pursue their dreams? Many of us wouldn’t have had the courage otherwise without that life changing event to get us out of our comfort zone. Maybe we all have dreams, that we’re unable to chase. But shouldn’t we all be given the equal opportunity to dream?

That lady on the train you stereotyped, maybe she was never shown how to dream, or maybe she’s too scared too? She struggles everyday to wake up, she dreams of escaping but she doesn’t know any different and people look at her weird. She’s at the point of giving up, and all she needs is that one person, possibly you, to show her the other side of the tunnel. We were taught to and given the opportunity to dream, does that mean that the rest of us are ungrateful or we are taking it for granted because we have too many?  Is it okay to take dreams for granted? Wait, what even is a dream? Why do we have dreams?

No matter who we are or where we are, we all have a dream of some sort. Whether we appreciate the ability to dream, or not, no matter how big nor small, they still matter. Remember to keep yourself grounded because you never know whose dream you’re crushing.

Spread love and keep your dreams alive.

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