You saved me, I know it was you. You wrapped me in your arms and saved my life.

I could see it all happening in slow motion, but there was nothing that I could do to save myself. I tried to veer further to the right but you found me anyway. My right hip making contact with the ground, my feet still attached in my pedals. I began to scream. Under one wheel I go, my legs were squished against my bike, my body pressed into the road. This is it, I thought.

I continued to scream short, sharp sounds. It felt like the longest few minutes of my life. My body was getting dragged across the road as if I were the cheese and the road was the grater. Why is she not stopping? Can she not hear me screaming? When is she going to stop? I’m going to die. The back wheel was approaching fast and there was nothing I could do. Finally, the car stopped. I felt like I could breathe. I removed my legs from under the car, sat there and cried. My body was burning. A pain I cannot explain. I was crying because of the pain, thankful that it was finally over and grateful that I was still alive.

My friend ran over to console me, wrapping his arms around me, it hurt. I cried even more, my body was continuing to burn. I can hear murmurs of the driver, screaming inconsolably, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” The rest of our riding group had caught up by now and were shocked to see what had happened. My clothing was in tatters, my body was damaged, and my bike was still stuck underneath the car. The front wheel had snapped off and was found in the middle of the road. I was sitting in the middle of the road still crying – I just wanted my mum and dad. My friends helped me get up and move off the road, still unable to comprehend what had just happened.


To be continued…

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