Brown Eyes

I stare at you from a distance, in awe of all that you are.

Your smile catches my eye, and makes me feel giddy.

That cheeky half smile, it gets me every time.

And your eyes – big brown eyes, they hold so much passion.

Have you ever met that one person, that is the right person just the wrong time? You’re it for me. I met you almost ten years ago now, and we’ve always had that spark. Life has tested us like no other, but no matter what time or distance between us, we’ve always found a way to each other. Our relationship has consisted of a lot of to-and-fro where we’d be connected for months or years, and then life would get in the way. We’d reconnect and fortunately enough, pick right back up where we left off. We are the two that always find a way back. We are the two that remain.

I saw you across the street, lost and alone. You were trying to find me, hidden in a cafe, waiting for you. I called out to you, but you didn’t hear (I looked like I was going crazy.). There were people everywhere. I continued to watch you looking around cautiously. Your phone buzzed, it was me, ‘I can see you, turn around to your right.’ You bumped into someone, I giggled out loud clutching my phone in my hand and my eyes glued to you. You completed a full circle (turning the opposite direction to what I had explained) before your eyes connected with mine. My face lit up, and your composure changed. You walked with purpose across the road to greet me after three long years. Oh how I had missed you.

My cheeks hurt from laughter, endless hours of laughter. We were the only people in this room. We are the two that remain.

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