I met you alone and determined.  You took my heart and you took it completely. You left me breathless and in awe of all that you are. Your scent, your earthy body against my toes, and your breath through my hair. Oh, how I miss you.

I’m being ridiculous right?! But honestly Cambodia, I’ll love you forever. Because of you, I found a piece of myself and I will be forever grateful. I met you in a time of need, and my goodness, you gave me all of that and more. I met so many wonderful people, some which I’ll meet again around the globe. You gave me a home, and a loving family. How could I ever repay you?!

I cannot wait until the day I return, but for now it’s my time to explore many other places, places to find myself again, places to spread my wings and again, leave a piece of myself behind.

Until we meet again, xxx

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