Barefeet with black soles

Walking barefoot
in a sleepy daze,
you took my breath away.
I’d never felt so at home.
You brought out the best of me
in ways I’d only dreamed of
even after searching for many months,
even years.

your dreamy coastline
and your breathtaking national parks
– there’s so much more of you
I’m yet to meet.
Because of you,
I’ve met so many wonderful human beings,
who I’ll cherish forever.
You were the first step in my journey
to finding myself,
and what a pleasure it was.

Sweaty day naps
followed by warm summer nights.
Long walks with strangers,
barefeet with black soles.
Late dinners filled with laughs
and passion.
I’ve finally found me.

There wasn’t anything that I saw
or did
that I didn’t fall in love with.
Your salty water
with the clearest of blue skies.
The steamy summer days
and tranquil nights. 
I’ll be back sooner than I ever imagined.

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