Stars. They surround me, as far as my eyes can see. Many hundreds upon thousands, even millions scattered and clustered across the early morning sky – my safety blanket. Stillness. No movement, not even a breeze as I walk deeper into the forest. Eeriness. The forest becomes thicker, I’ve never felt so alone. I grab your hand to find comfort within the darkness. Comfort. The way my hand fits perfectly in yours, and when our lips meet – like the missing jigsaw piece. Butterflies. One thousand butterflies fluttering in the pit of my stomach trying to escape. Strangers. Two strangers far from home yet drawn to the same small town in the middle of nowhere. Chatter. Late night conversations about sweet nothings to try and pass the time. Light. After what feels like forever, we can finally see the light. Mixed emotions. I’m not sure how I feel?! Lost in the moment and your company I don’t want the night to end. Sleep. My eyes are becoming heavy, sleep is calling. Loneliness. I know that when this ends, the loneliness will find me again. Darkness. The darkness that was hidden for those few hours in your company will creep back in, but for now while my eyes are still open and my legs are still walking, happiness. Happiness consumes me and reminds me that I am alive. Bed. As my face hits the pillow I go to sleep with a smile.

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