Cinderella Story

​You literally appeared out of nowhere, thin air, like it was meant to happen this way. A knight in shining armour, saving me from the darkness within. The first thing I noticed was your eyes, so bright. Then your smile, so contagious, how could I ever forget?

I’d been struggling to find the light. I felt so alone. I’d literally just decided that it was time for me to leave earlier than intended. You came into work minutes later. I had bumped into you a few times before and my roommate and I joked that you were our husband. You just seemed like that kind of guy. But I was busy away from my stand when you came in, and I caught your reflection in the window, unbeknownst to me, I raced back to my stand and you turned around before you walked out. You asked how work was going? And I couldn’t think straight. I was so nervous. You went on to ask me on an “adventure”. I replied with “sure”. You smiled your smile said “we’d see each other around” and walked out. I cannot describe the feeling I had. If I thought I couldn’t think straight before, that was nothing to what I was feeling after.

I woke up in the morning hoping to catch you in the lounge because I hadn’t heard from you. And what do you know, you came in. We chatted for two hours before making a deal that I’d go on an adventure with you if you came out that night with me. I later realised that you put your number on a piece of paper under my door. I’d never had this before. Do people still write their numbers on notes? It felt like a dream. Like something I’d read about, not real life. You had me feeling all kinds of emotions – nervous and anxious, yet so excited.

I’d forgotten what it should be like. You’d try to help me down steep steps, but I’d learnt to do things myself after being alone for some time now. So I came across as uninterested, when that was far from the truth. We chatted the whole way into town and back, three hours. We came home and cooked lunch together before going out that night. It just felt right. As if I’d known for so, so much longer. You saw me in the hall and told me I looked good. I guess you’d only ever seen me in my trackies and baggy jumper. Definitely not my best look.

It wasn’t until the next day that you held my hand. So gentle. As if you’d known what I’d been through before. You didn’t force it upon me, it was just subtle and sweet. It felt sincere.

The first night I went to your place. Tiny little squeaky snores let me know you were asleep, I giggled quietly to myself. I was wrapped in your arms, you were protecting me from the darkness. We hadn’t kissed yet, and I figured you’d made all of the first moves so I poked your chest, leant in and kissed you. You woke up and smiled your smile, I whispered that it was time for me to go. It was midnight. It felt like a real life Cinderella Story. Yet, it was my story.

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