Saving Grace

You were my saving grace and you didn’t even know it. Your eyes, bright blue like the summers sky held my glance for a moment too long (or maybe it was just my wishful thinking, searching for familiarity and comfort) but in that moment, I knew that I’d be okay. Solace and serenity washed over me and embraced me like a blanket. I have got this.

This place makes me feel lonely. A kind of lonely that is all consuming. Where I’m engulfed and can’t seem to catch a break. Like I’m caught in a rip and I’m swimming and swimming and not getting anywhere. It gives me headaches that pound and makes me want to sleep forever and some days I really wouldn’t mind if I didn’t wake up. Today was one of those days. I was having a bad day and feeling low. I woke up from a nine hour sleep, but felt worse. My knee was still hurting from the weekend and I just really didn’t want to be here. The devil inside of me was back again. Eating away, slowly but surely and I was trying hard to fight it but sometimes it just gets too much. It was like I was drowning in the waves of depression. I felt like I couldn’t escape, like I couldn’t see the sunlight. Until you came along. It wasn’t anything in particular that you did, but I guess it was? You just made me forget and that was more than enough.

I had been joking all weekend that “the universe had my back” or even anyone I came into contact with. Everything that happens, is meant to be. And even though I didn’t think I could see the light, the universe knew exactly what I needed, at exactly the right time. I was reminded that a bad moment or hour does not mean a bad day, it does get better. Trust that the universe has your back too. You will find your saving grace exactly when you need it.

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