Two strangers

Two strangers from opposite sides of the world. Lost in our lives, we found a calling to a town we really knew nothing about. Before we knew it we were two strangers walking under the stars alone through the forest at 3am that November morning. A strong independent man and a strong independent woman. You helped me even when I didn’t want to accept it, and vice versa because we just know. We know how each other feels without an explanation needed. We were so used to living a life alone, it was comforting because I know you understood it and appreciated it just as I did. We didn’t know it then but we’d become two strangers who were more familiar than not.

We met by chance and three months later I felt unsettled, as if it were my time to leave. As I left and you were the one walking me to the bus, telling me goodbye and it was unsettling – the feeling between us as if we had just begun. Little did we know that only two months later, we’d be two strangers saying goodbye to each other yet again, this time, me to you.

Now April, two strangers who are not strangers anymore, friends; connected through the magic of the universe. Two friends spending your last moments in Canada together. Two friends sitting on the park bench discussing life intimately. Conversations filled with sass, attitude and endless laughter; conversations completely raw. Moments of silence are eerily quiet, yet completely comforting. Before we knew it we were two friends walking under the stars through the city at 2am this April morning just like that November morning those months ago. Connected by the morning sky, knowing that whatever happens, no matter where we might be in the world, we are looking at the same universe.

Two friends who have have something unexplainable – something unforgettable. Two friends who spent every moment of the last 34 hours together. Your presence never far from mine; that look in your eyes and your smile, so contagious – putting me at ease. The little mannerisms that we have around each other, right? Well actually, the memories from the months prior were never far away, they literally all came flooding back into our conversations because now we’re two friends.

Two strangers, now friends. I know you’re leaving but it’s a goodbye for now because I won’t accept a goodbye forever. Two friends, with something in between. Some kind of connection which I cannot find the words for, something. Somewhere, somehow and someplace, I know we will meet again. Until next time… X

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