You haunt me

One small message and the feelings that I’d been trying to suppress came back like a wave crashing over me and I could not reach the surface. Instead, I laid still and let it take me.

You make me wonder. You make me question things I’d never even thought twice about. You surprised me. You showed me what I deserve, instead of what I allowed before. And now you’re not here, you haunt me.

I see us together, even though I know we are separated by thousands of miles. I see you walking the street, even though I know you’re not here. I say things that would only ever make sense to you and I look for you awaiting your response, but you’re no where to be seen. I see you in my dreams you tell me that we’ll see each other again instead, I awake to a harsh reality. I can see how it would be – us sitting, enjoying the outdoors just as we did before you left, pondering life. I can see us together, although right now we are not.

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