searching for an escape,
lost in the landscape;
staring at the sapphire sea,
we both wanted to be free.

I had a sudden urge,
a pull,
to take my things
and sit on the rock
washing my thoughts away;
my quiet
place until you appeared.

bruised and battered,
you startled me
in my moment of tranquility,
but how grateful I was.

two people,
seeking answers
because something
was better than nothing.

you needed to talk
and I needed to listen;
the universe had us in her plans,

I sat
and listened to your stories
and your melodica music;
you are one of a kind.

we laughed,
we watched the sunset
and we shared pieces of our lives.

as we walked away
a weight had been lifted
and my mood shifted.
we walked away
as if our sadness never existed.

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