These feet

These feet of mine
have taken me places
I’d never believe,
lead me to scenery
that I never knew existed.
they’ve taken me to heights
I’d only ever feared,
yet now live for.

my eyes
have seen so much beauty;
so much love
and happiness
and so much sunshine.
they’ve seen waves
upon waves
they’ve seen sunsets
the colours of fairy floss
and storms
green with envy.

my ears have heard
so many conversations
with accents from all over the world
filled with words of passion
and excitement
about this incredible life
we get to experience.

while my heart
has connected with so many people
I never thought existed
in real life.
I never knew this was for me,
until it became my life.

Days like today
I know this is the life for me.
the one with no real plans
and my dreams as large as the ocean,
vast and never ending
people meeting
and connection making
allowing my feet to take me
to where I need to be
and the rest of my body
to follow,
taking it all in.

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