Keeping afloat

I felt on top of the world,
I feel like I’m falling.

I’m sand
slipping through fingers
and I can’t get a grip.

everything I knew,
I now question.
I should be sleeping
except it lost me
somewhere along the way.
we’re stuck in a maze,
and I’ve no idea how to escape.

I lay here
with my heart beating
at 100 miles per hour
and my head pounding
over things out of my control
– but that’s anxiety.

I feel like
I’m a crab
retracting into my shell.
submitting to the ocean
and ready to give up.
although right now
it feels terribly terrifying
and I can’t find
the good in this bad.

It’s as if
I’m climbing a mountain
and I cannot reach the top,
but I know
it’ll be worth it when I do.

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