Shooting stars

I barely knew you but it felt as if we had known each other for a lifetime. You smelt and felt like home, how comforting it was. You didn’t think it was strange when I wanted to stare at the clouds, you joined in too. You didn’t question me when I wanted to watch the stars, you laid down next to me.

Shooting stars and satellites, the fire began to die out and the morning crispness became more apparent. Laying head to toe, our bodies naturally inched closer searching for warmth. Your arm on my legs and mine on yours. We laid there under the blanket of the universe where we stayed until sunrise. We laid having conversations about life, deep and meaningful and in silence, taking the moment in. So grateful to be in this moment, right now. We had conversations that weren’t for everybody but were for us. You didn’t question me, nor did I, you. Staring at the sky which was now hues of pinks, purples and blues as the stars began to fade, I looked towards the ocean and the sun was visible across the island, magic. Time is passing too fast. As a Bald Eagle flew over-top, I never imagined I’d be laying on the beach under the stars and watching the sunrise all of this time later, yet I couldn’t imagine it any other way.



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