To you, from me

Strumming your guitar you look up and our eyes meet at a distance, our faces light up. Your aura is magic and your soul is golden, I’m drawn to you. I run toward you and you catch me. My arms wrapped around your neck, warmth and comfort overcome me, please don’t let me go.

We stood there beneath the stars hand in hand, twirling each other around and singing out loud – there’s no place I’d rather be than here in this moment, just us. Our bodies close, whispering sweet nothings and your hands glide up and cup my face. I turn and taste you on my mouth, in this moment, it’s just us.

Our bodies collide like two stars, magic. An intense passion radiating from the both of us, as if this was meant to be. We lay tangled, your scent is all consuming, nuzzle into your neck while you sing me to sleep. I take in this moment not wanting it to end.

The sun is rising and you’re still fast asleep, I don’t want to leave. I kiss your cheek and your eyes open. You hold my face and pull me in. We embrace and kiss once more. I step outside feeling uneasy; the uncertainty of travelling. I can’t look back. A goodbye for now, but not forever.


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