all I see is you

hey y’all in hand 
and all I see is you 
you’re tending to the fire
and I’m watching from a distance 
two free birds 
the rest of the band is playing 
while you’re here next to me
(i can’t help but feel like 
you’re missing out)
you grab my hand and twirl me
– i’ve never felt more alive 
we’re surrounded by plenty 
yet all I can see is you 
my hands upon your face 
our lips collide 
time passes within a blink 
and we’re in your tent for the last time 
just you and i
nestled in the mountains
surrounded by the ocean, 
in the heart of the rainforest
my hand runs through your beard 
and my cheek rests upon the hum of your chest
you’re singing to me for the last time
I look up 
and the dark of the night becomes apparent 
I gently close my eyes 
all I can see is you

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