To forget

I never mean it in a bad way
when I say I wish to forget.

Why would I wish to forget
something so overwhelmingly beautiful

What I wish to forget
is the moments we shared
as they play so vividly.

What I wish to forget is:
How in the darkness of the night

our bodies were one.
The moment our lips touched
like lightning – it was electrifying.
The earthiness of your pheromones
at the grasp of my hand
I breathe you in
and pull you closer.
My lips skim along the nook of your neck
as your hands run through my hair
Our bodies intertwine
closer and closer, deeper
We reach our destination
together under the morning moon.

When the sun comes out
I wish to forget
so that I don’t have to remember
what once was
and is no longer.

Because the moments that play on repeat
hurt more than if I had not had you at all.

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