We are seated together on the sand
as the sun is setting.
We speak about life
and our dreams,
our hopes and desires;
how our beliefs are much the same.

The darkness of the night comes creeping in
and the fire is becoming dull.
I look over at you
and you speak to me with your eyes;
no words are needed.
Gently yet fiercely
you place your hands upon my cheeks
and you pull me in close.
What a beautiful moment;
the sunset, the sand and you.
I feel your breath upon my lips
before I taste you upon my mouth.
Passion; two souls colliding
more alike than not
this moment is overwhelming:
beautifully dreamy,
but the feeling is not.

Within the pit of my stomach
I feel it;
the hurt, the pain, the anger and the jealousy
feelings that have been suppressed over time
awoken from the darkness.
You’re not the same, but you’re all too familiar.
I pull back and look you in the eyes
I know you feel it.
This is the end, before the beginning.
I stand up and look you in the eye once more
no words are needed
this moment speaks a million sorries without explanation.
I dust myself off and walk away.
I’m doing this for me
and I walk away without a second glance.




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