my reminder

you are all five senses
and some
sensitive, soulful, passionate, gentle, yet free
you carry a contagious energy
drawing people in
you delved into my life
bringing to the surface
the hurt of past
allowing me to heal
you guided and supported me
back to my feet
leaving me breathless
yet balanced
and just like that
you’re gone

you were never mine to keep
and i wasn’t selfish enough to ask
because a soul like you
you’re meant to be free
an unspoken understanding

you came out of nowhere
the unexpected
those moments
like scars
i’ll carry them with me forever
are far greater
than anyone i’ve ever dreamed

you ignited the fire within me
you gave me purpose
you inspired my dreams
you were the light
in my darkness
you were my reminder
i am worthy.
i too, deserve to be loved.

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