to you, pt II

to you,

I thought I knew what love was
but that was
before I had met you

I didn’t know
the ever consuming
kind of love
{I never even had you}
yet I felt more
with you
than my previous two [loves]

I didn’t search for you
yet you kept appearing
I’d run into you in the street
on the beach
or I’d be drawn to music,
your music
and you
I’d look up and there you are
right in front of me

my body
craved you
it absorbed
every part of you
and soul

the school girl kind of love
was real
I learnt it from you
we let each other be free
and that’s the most beautiful part
no labels or misunderstandings
no arguments
no jealousy
two free birds
free to feel
free to explore
free to love

you opened my eyes
to all I could be
and all I could have
and I will never settle
for less than what I felt
with you

maybe you’ll read this and know
or maybe you won’t
but you changed my life
the passion we found together
is unexplainable
and undeniable

whether we meet again
in this life or the next
just know
it will always be you
these love stories
will always
be about you

from me xxx



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