travel family

the thing I love most
about my travel family
is no matter
the time
nor distance
or differences between
i ALWAYS find solace
in their words
the way they just
get it
without an explanation
that to me
means the most

my travel family
has the most
and understanding
because they’ve generally
been through the same
and self growth
i have
even if their path
leads a different direction

of all people
my travel family
understands the overwhelming sensation
of home.
the questions
the explanations
the depression
the loneliness
the stories
and the love
that now sits miles apart.

my travel family
has the biggest heart
because they’ve seen
places you’ve only dreamed
they believed and they achieved
they’ve lived

they’ve experienced
and they changed
as i
they understand the feelings
of not knowing my place
what it feels to return to the familiar bed
but it feels all wrong
we see the world with new eyes
while everyone
and everything else
remain the same



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