love is love

isn’t it funny
how you meet a person
and they’re just a person
but the more you talk
the more you relate
and the more attractive they become

you’ll learn that everything
is deeper than what you see
for example: I am not my clothing,
my hair, my looks
I am greater.

you’ll learn that my beliefs are shaped
by the people I’ve been around
the places I’ve seen
and the experiences I’ve been through
everything makes me who I am.
that my opinion
might not be the same
but everything
until this moment right now
is a product of the past
:: i love that

i love the getting to know someone
maybe they don’t want to hold your hand
in fear of you letting go {like previous experiences}
but you teach them to take the leap instead
~you build trust
maybe they don’t want to kiss in public
{because they’re too shy}
and they think too much
about what other people think
but you kiss them anyway
because what have you got to lose
{live a life without what ifs}

because what you see
isn’t all a person is
they are so much deeper
::we are so much deeper
than just the shell of us
there are reasons
but at the end of the day
it is on you
you either choose to get to know a person
or you choose against it
I choose to be open to people
little snippets of my life
and little snippets of theirs
it grounds me
it makes me curious
they often challenge my thinking
or my beliefs
and it makes me a better person

so choose people
choose to love
regardless of what’s on the outside
because you never know
what you’re missing out on

i will chose love over everything
everyone deserves love
and everyone deserves to feel love
no matter what
no matter if you’re passing through
or staying
live life with an open heart
and love will find you
whether it’s for a day
or a lifetime
love is love

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