I never really understood how we can not feel worthy for so long. The constant fight to prove ourselves. The scars from the past seem to forever haunt us. The lies and the cheaters, the insecurities. Am I enough?
One day, I stopped thinking. I didn’t worry if I wasn’t enough anymore as I focused my energy on me. I travelled and fell in love with beautiful souls over and over again, not the forever kind of love but it was love nonetheless. I had my heart broken and I rebuilt it myself. If we don’t know how, who will? You cannot seek love from within someone else, to fill the void in you, it doesn’t work like that.
The path to self discovery is a long one, a constant one and that’s the beauty of it. You become more certain. Maybe you loved those before, but it wasn’t balanced. It wasn’t the right kind of love. I discovered parts that had been hidden for so long. And for the first time I was comfortable in my own skin. I was better at knowing what I wanted, what I deserved.
So here’s to knowing that one day you’ll find your balance and know why it never worked out before. You’ll know that this is what you deserve because you are enough, you are worthy.

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