Day dream(er)

Day dream(er) ✨ ~

Dream and dream and dream. And don’t believe them when they doubt you.They’ll tell you that love isn’t that way. That you should settle, “It’s not all butterflies and rainbows”. But girrrl, let me tell you, don’t. Don’t settle for the half assed kind of love. The love filled with doubt and insecurities. The love that makes you question yourself. Find the love that compliments you. Wait. Wait until the day you don’t have to try, until everything that’s fallen apart, falls together. Until there’s not one moment of doubt. It shouldn’t be that way. If you’re questioning it, walk away.


Find the love where they invite you over for a chat, because they want to get to know you, for you. After five minutes, they’ll invite you to the beach the next day, to spend more time with you. They’ll make you coffee in bed, just the way you like it. They’ll sit with you on the balcony floor, patting the animals while you stare out, together, into the valley watching the sunrise. They’ll spend the day at the beach with you, lazing and dolphin watching. You’ll walk around the streets together, barefoot and giggling as if you’ve known each other for a lifetime, even though you only met the morning before. Find the love where everything feels so easy and free, because it can be, it should be.


So girl, wait. Wait for the right kind of love. The one that compliments you and all you believe. Wait until the right one comes around ✨ baby girl, be that day dreamer that everyone doubts.

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