The most common thing I’ve been told these last two years is that I’m “brave”. I don’t see it that way at all. We’re all brave in our own way. We’ve all been in different situations making us stronger but I wouldn’t say that I’m any braver than you at all.


I decided to chase my dreams and it just so happened to be that I went alone, what’s so brave about that? Maybe it’s our thoughts, our perspective on life. Look inside yourself. What’s holding you back? Why aren’t you saying yes more? The world isn’t scary at all, so why am I brave doing these things alone? Because you’re afraid? You’re far more resilient than you know, you are far more capable than you allow yourself to be.


“But aren’t you afraid?” Afraid of what? What’s life if you’re walking around scared of the unknown? What could possibly be so bad? You have these preconceived ideas holding you back. What happens if you say yes and it doesn’t work out as planned? Maybe the universe has bigger plans for you. Let me tell you, often the best things happen when you’re open to new things.


So what if you jump? What if you jump and you fall? You get back up and try again. Don’t be afraid. Be brave and take the leap, walk into the unknown and thank me later ✨

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