the waves

were my saving grace
and you didn’t even know it. ~

this place makes me feel lonely.
a kind of lonely
that is all consuming.
where I’m engulfed
and can’t seem to catch a break.
like I’m caught in a rip
and I’m swimming
and swimming
and not getting anywhere. ~

the devil inside of me was back again.
eating away,
but surely
and I was trying hard to fight it
but sometimes it feels too much.
like i’m drowning
in the waves
of depression. ~

I couldn’t see the sunlight
until you came along.
you helped me forget
and that
was more than enough. ~
your eyes,
bright blue
like the summers sky
held my glance
for a moment too long
but in that moment,
I knew
that I’d be okay. ~

and serenity washed over me
and embraced me like a blanket. :that’s how I knew ~

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