I’ve started again over, and over, and over
so many times, I’ve lost count. 
By far, the hardest year I’ve endured 
was the last.

I left today, last year 
back to start again 
where nothing went to plan;
I didn’t have my people anymore.
I didn’t lose it “all” 
but it felt like I did.
Those mountains I climbed,
those friendships I’d never had,
– I’d never cried so many happy tears in my life.
I’d never appreciated all the things I had,
until you
the small town at the end of the road,
with the people from all over the world,
searching for themselves, too.

I’d never felt so out of place
in the place I used to call home. 
here I am,
again, in a new place 
because you taught me 
that I deserve more 
than mediocrity

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