some days

some days I’ll want you to hold me
not hold me together
but hold me while I fix the broken pieces of me, myself

some days I’ll want you to listen
not necessarily to my voice
but to the rhythm of my heart.
listen to the way you relax me,
almost instantly
as if I can finally breathe again

some days I’ll cry
not because of you
but triggers of the past.
I half expect you to leave.
instead, you stay
you pull me in closer
and encourage me to ‘let it out,’
to ease my mind.
“it’s over now,” you whisper
I look up at you and smile,
I believe you

some days I’ll think I’m too much
and there you are
reminding me
that I am enough
exactly as I am

some days I’ll want your tender embrace
the smell of you
in the scent of me.
your hungry fingertips
pressing heavily up my thighs
as you claw your way to my hips.
my body pressing into yours
heavy breaths
naked; natural state,
under the starlight
finding rhythm with the evening sound of the crickets.
my mind finds peace
from all of this madness
in devouring the pieces of you.
the soft groan melting from your lips
makes me hungry for more.
if this isn’t home,
I’m not sure what is

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