i would(n’t)

if i could share you, I would(n’t)
like a rare treasure, a gem
isn’t it lucky to find something so precious? 
something so true to what you believe,
something so natural.

it seems all the questions, disappeared 
and the answers fell into my lap 
when I stumbled upon you.
chance or fate, I’m not sure
but the way our skin brushed against each other
the way your eyes would light up rooms 
the look you’d give me across the table 
the way time slowed down in your presence,
that’s when I knew.

I know we hear it a lot;
to wait.
‘wait until you don’t have to wait anymore’
or ‘you’ll know,’ they say.
and you’ll be waiting, 
almost wishing time away 
wondering if you’ll ever get that feeling
or wondering how you will know.
oh, honey, you will
I just hope you value your worth enough 
to see it through.

you see, 
you deserve this too.

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