some days

some days I’ll want you to hold menot hold me togetherbut hold me while I fix the broken pieces of me, myself some days I’ll want you to listennot necessarily to my voicebut to the rhythm of my heart.listen to the way you relax me, almost instantlyas if I can finally breathe again some days …

brighter days

For so long, I had this war inside of me from no two particular things. How do you beat a war, but you don’t know where it starts? How do you find the light if you can’t find the darkness? A lot of time was spent with myself, by myself, drowning in the madness just …


I’ve started again over, and over, and overso many times, I’ve lost count. By far, the hardest year I’ve endured was the last. I left today, last year back to start again where nothing went to plan;I didn’t have my people anymore.I didn’t lose it “all” but it felt like I did.Those mountains I climbed,those friendships I’d never had,– I’d …

Free to be

And when I fell love with the ocean, I fell in love with me. The way we were more similar, than not. Roaring with life one minute, and the next, as calm as can be.  When I fell in love with the ocean, it wasn’t about you, it was all about me. All the things I’d been through, and the things yet to come. This journey …

things to say

i’ve got a lot to say wait,won’t you stay a while? lay here,while the sun peers throughand the stars slowly fadeas your head lays on my chestour bodies intertwined my heart, it’s been hurtingfor a long while nowuntil i met your fingers brush along my skini forgot what this felt like i’m quieti’m safei’m …


for so long i stayed in fear of the unknown until i realised i had nothing to lose and so i fell without fear. i let go over and over again to leave, to start again in places that felt right to people who felt right. i urge you to do the same fall, jump, fly into the unknown you’ve got …

out of character

I’m a little messyand a little brokenI’m a little all over the placeand consumed by wine. I’m a little out of characterand there you go.I don’t like this game you’re playinghere I am,staring at the screenthe only place you’ll talkwe said honestybut your actions are being far from honest

wanting you

I woke up wanting you that look in your eyes as we inch closer savouring the moment as I stare into your baby blues and you staring deep into mine talking without words I woke up wanting you and you’re nowhere to be seen

what if?

tryin’ to find the light in the middle of this madness and then there’s you. the summers sun. the warmth upon my skin. you said I’d write a love poem about you, what if I wrote it to you instead? ✨


you lost me for a while there. i lost me too ~ mistrust and hurt; betrayal ~ recovery; time ~ becoming myself, finding myself ~ a new place new people making connections ~ change was all I needed (maybe all you need, too) ✨ ~

just a little longer

will you stay, here just a little longer? it’s early morning and I know you’re leaving soon I hold onto you a little bit tighter please don’t leave just yet the sun is peering through, onto your warm body like you, golden will you stay, here just a little longer?

begin again

the tears of sadness, fall running wet down my cheek ~ the water washes over me and sets me free ~ I look up ~ the clouds sail north over the fiery sunset ~ the wind sweeps by and I begin again ~