Full heart

Wake up early
and watch the sunrise
stay up late
and watch the moon set ~

I never in a million years
ever dreamed
any of this was possible
that my heart would feel so full ~

yet here I am,
where you can be too. ~


Ease your mind (quiet)
close your mind. ~

when things bother you
hold them in,
understand why
and let them go (free) ~

serenity is found
in the darkest parts of nature ✨ ~

Find me?

you were the dream I never dreamt
in the palm of my hand
yet not ~

like the breeze ~

will you find me again? ~

The unknown

Starting something new is the end of something old ~

I’m not sure how I feel
This year has been tough
Really rough
On my soul
And I’ve been wanting something new for so long
But now it’s in my grasp
I’m not sure I’m ready to completely begin something new
As if, I can’t let go ~

two years ago,
I stepped foot
young and naïve
on Canadian soil.
A place I would stay three times longer than I anticipated
Because it felt right
That’s where I needed to be. ~

I unpacked the last of my things
I dismantled the bed in my car.
Everything I own,
Now lies within a house.
For the first time in two years
To start afresh
No parts of me here or there
No tickets out (yet)
And no real plan ~

I start a job
The first job since I left Canada in January
In a city I never dreamed
I’d be living
But do we ever really know
Where we’ll end up? ~


I can’t promise you the whole of me
But I can promise you this moment. ~

This moment between us,
Right now.
This is real.
This is what matters.
This is what we will remember ~

So be with me here, today
In this moment.

Starts with you

It starts with you. ~

The day you tell yourself you’re not enough
You won’t be. ~

The day you stop believing
It won’t happen. ~

The day you settle for less than
For the fear of what if? ~

If you don’t love yourself,
How can you expect others to? ~

If you don’t appreciate you,
Why should others? ~

If you don’t think your worthy,
You aren’t. ~


The most common thing I’ve been told these last two years is that I’m “brave”. I don’t see it that way at all. We’re all brave in our own way. We’ve all been in different situations making us stronger but I wouldn’t say that I’m any braver than you at all.


I decided to chase my dreams and it just so happened to be that I went alone, what’s so brave about that? Maybe it’s our thoughts, our perspective on life. Look inside yourself. What’s holding you back? Why aren’t you saying yes more? The world isn’t scary at all, so why am I brave doing these things alone? Because you’re afraid? You’re far more resilient than you know, you are far more capable than you allow yourself to be.


“But aren’t you afraid?” Afraid of what? What’s life if you’re walking around scared of the unknown? What could possibly be so bad? You have these preconceived ideas holding you back. What happens if you say yes and it doesn’t work out as planned? Maybe the universe has bigger plans for you. Let me tell you, often the best things happen when you’re open to new things.


So what if you jump? What if you jump and you fall? You get back up and try again. Don’t be afraid. Be brave and take the leap, walk into the unknown and thank me later ✨