I’m drowning

it’s sitting beside you drinking wine so close that our knees brush against each other. i feel the butterflies ~ it’s your smile and how it lights up your face when you’re telling stories. i can’t help but smile too ~ it’s that look in your eyes the bluest ocean I’ve ever seen as our …


Ease your mind (quiet) close your mind. ~ when things bother you hold them in, feel. understand why and let them go (free) ~ serenity is found in the darkest parts of nature ✨ ~

the waves

you were my saving grace and you didn’t even know it. ~ this place makes me feel lonely. a kind of lonely that is all consuming. where I’m engulfed and can’t seem to catch a break. like I’m caught in a rip and I’m swimming and swimming and not getting anywhere. ~ the devil inside …


the tears of sadness, fall running wet down my cheek ~ the water washes over me and sets me free ~ I look up ~ the clouds sail north over the fiery sunset ~ the wind sweeps by and I begin again ~

The unknown

Starting something new is the end of something old ~ I’m not sure how I feel This year has been tough Really rough On my soul And I’ve been wanting something new for so long But now it’s in my grasp I’m not sure I’m ready to completely begin something new As if, I can’t …


I can’t promise you the whole of me But I can promise you this moment. ~ This moment between us, Right now. This is real. This is what matters. This is what we will remember ~ So be with me here, today In this moment.


The most common thing I’ve been told these last two years is that I’m “brave”. I don’t see it that way at all. We’re all brave in our own way. We’ve all been in different situations making us stronger but I wouldn’t say that I’m any braver than you at all. ~ I decided to …

Towards you

I left suddenly to save my soul. I was defeated. I didn’t say goodbyes and I certainly didn’t have a plan but I needed to leave for me. Many assume that I was running away but what if I was running towards something better? Towards the ocean, toward the mountains, toward the rainforest, towards you.

love (moments)

I think we’re all out there searching for that one singular love story but what if we’re wrong? what if it’s a heap of little love moments with many different people compiled together to make your whole? ~ `like that time we ordered food but we’re both so nervous we made our waitress nervous too …


you were never mine to keep we said goodbye and walked away ~ we both wanted to be free ~ here we are together again may I ask, will we ever be more?

Starts with you

It starts with you. ~ The day you tell yourself you’re not enough You won’t be. ~ The day you stop believing It won’t happen. ~ The day you settle for less than For the fear of what if? ~ If you don’t love yourself, How can you expect others to? ~ If you don’t …